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Ozturk degirmenleri (ozturk coffee roasters and grinders) established at 1944 today we produce the machinery with our 62 years of experience. These are some products that produce: Coffee roasters, grinders, loader systems, afterburner, spice mills, sugar mineral beekeeping equipment. . …. Address:7403 Street No: 12 Oztrade Ltd

Industrial Powdered Sugar Grinder - Toper Germany

Statically and dynamically equilibrated TS H grinders run for long years without any problem. They are easy-to-operate and needs no expertise. Toper's TS H series industrial grinders have feeder, helical discharge flute and air lock system. ADDITIONAL USAGE. Besides powder sugar production, TS H series grinders are also widely used for grinding ...

Coffee Grinder No16

Coffee Grinder No16. The smallest coffee grinder of ALECOS series for fine-cut greek, turkish coffee. With an emery millstone diameter of 16 cm and a powerful electric motor of 3 horse-power its efficiency comes up to 14 kg/h enough …

Ultimo Grinders - Garanti Roaster

ULTIMO coffee grinders are designed for practically supplying the demands of café businesses demands for not only Turkish coffee but also espresso and filter coffee. ULTIMO, which has high-performance steel discs, is a product that can be operated 8 hours a day with a batch style, more than this, it is an eye-catchy functional object which you ...

About Us - Garanti Roaster

The remark of Garanti Roaster is on quality and reliability in every roaster, grinder and complementary equipment. The products and facility solutions, which can be designed according to your wishes, are met by the instructors in a short time and with high efficiency, and Garanti take your work under guarantee.

Toper Roasters - Full Automatic, Industrial And Shop ...

coffee roasting systems Known as the super series, the TKM-SX series offers advanced technologies and high capacity solutions to baristas and coffee roaster owners. Profile System Coffee Roaster The same coffee roasting quality is always achieved with the roasting profile system. Previous Next Shop Type Coffee Roasters Shop Type Coffee Roasters The world …

Alecos coffee machines - coffee grinding

ALECOS Coffee Grinding & Roasting Machines is a family business, engaged with the manufacturing of coffee grinding and coffee roasting machines for more than 80 years.All started in 1927, when Alecos Zafeiropoulos, a qualified technician in the construction of water and flour mills became a pioneer, by constructing the first electric coffee grinders with emerystones.

Coffee Roaster No15 - coffee grinding

ALECOS coffee roasters are the result of many years experience in the manufacture of coffee roasters and constitutes the most perfect and most complete solution for the average coffee grinder. The roasting of the coffee is performed by a propane burner, which is the most healthy way of roasting, since the burning of propane is complete, free of waste and burning by …

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Pioneer Turkish manufacturer Garanti Roaster provides premium roasters, grinders and equipment for coffee, cocoa, malt and more worldwide . Since 1951 ..

Production - Has Garanti

Production, Has Garanti. HASGARANTI is a company that stands out with its professional services in its modern production facilities. Unconditional customer satisfaction is among the ultimate goals of HASGARANTI, and it establishes this with its qualified products. In its commercial journey with a Turkish coffee grinder, HASGARANTI expands its service network …

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Hydraulic Cocoa Butter Press Cacao Paste Liquor Theobroma Oil Extractor Cocoa Press Cake making Machine $ 3,641.00 – $ 7,758.00 Select options

Natural Stone Disc Grinders (Shop Size) - Garanti Roaster

20 kg/h. 25 kg/h. 30 kg/h. DIMENSIONS (L*D*H) 60*42*157 cm. 80 * 48 * 160 cm. 90*48*170 cm. pdf indir. For more information about GD20, GD25 ve GD30 natural stone disc grinders, please send an email [email protected] to contact technical services.

Powder Sugar Grinder Z115 - coffee grinding

Powder Sugar Grinder Z-115. The ALECOS Z115 powder sugar grinder is the solution we suggest for the production of super fine grinded sugar.The easy function and maintenance are its main characteristics, which in combination with the noiseless function and the high efficiency of more than 150kgs/h, render it ideal for bakery, confectioneries, productive units of packaging, …

Garanti Roaster & Grinder Equipment Co. in Kemalpasa ...

About Garanti Roaster & Grinder Equipment Co. :-Established in 1951, Garanti Roaster & Grinder Equipment Co. has made a name for itself in the list of top suppliers of in Turkey. The supplier company is located in Kemalpasa, Izmir and is …

The 9 Best Coffee Makers With Grinders of 2022

The 9 Best Single Serve Coffee Makers in 2022. Final Verdict. The Cuisinart Grind & Brew 12-Cup Coffee Maker ( view at Amazon) has everything you could want in a drip machine with a built-in grinder. It's programmable, compact, …

Small Coffee Bag Filling Machine Dry Powder Sugar Dosing

Small coffee Bag Filling Machine Dry Powder Sugar Dosing. $ 300.00 – $ 500.00. Request Freight Quote. QUICK & ACCURATE FILLING. STAINLESS STEEL. MICROCOMPUTER CONTROL. MULTIFUNCTIONAL. Voltage. …

Coffee Grinder No35

Although, the capacity of this coffee grinder is a little less than the No25 3000 model, about 30 kgr/hour, the long diameter millstones have a nominal life span which exceeds 10.000 Kgr.The feeding system includes an oscillation system with a small independent motor capable to control the flow of the coffee beans in the grinder.

Has Garanti | coffee industry

Has Garanti represents our country at the highest level, makes business contacts and follows closely the latest technologies by participating abroad every year in specialized fairs about coffee and coffee equipments.


OS 5K is a coffee roaster that can roast 5 kg of green coffee beans per batch. It comes with coffee control spoon, coffee sight glass, powder cyclone, cooling system, mixing arms, touch screen and Wi-Fi connected to artisan program.

Coffee Grinder F90

Equipped with 90mm stainless steel disks and a powerful 1HP (750W) motor this small coffee grinder has a capacity of 35kgr/hour. The grinding level is controlled by a regulating disk in the left side of the machine. This disk is divided from 1-9 with big numerical intervals in order to choose precisely the grinding level we want.

Coffee Roasting Equipment -

OS40D Coffee Grinders. OS40D Coffee Grinder It is used for grinding coffee at coffee outlets, cafes and retail outlets. Steel blade mills are a tabletop compact series grinder suitable for Turkish coffee, Espresso and Filter coffee grinding. Thanks to its easily and precise thickness adjustment, it provides the user a wide spectrum.

Powdered Sugar Grinders - Garanti Roaster

GARANTİ powdered sugar grinders are industrial mills designed to carry out the toughest grinding operations, used to minimize hard materials. These industrial grinders are recommended for use in areas with industrial electrical infrastructure, due to their high-performance motor.

Coffee Grinder No16

The smallest coffee grinder of ALECOS series for fine-cut greek, turkish coffee. With an emery millstone diameter of 16 cm and a powerful electric motor of 3 horse-power its efficiency comes up to 14 kg/h enough quantity to cover the …

Organic Grinding

Although especially designed for coffee bean grinding, ALECOS Coffee grinders can be used in a variety of other products as well. The excellent grinding characteristics and the progressive friction grinding without crushing (pulverization) make them ideally for wheat grinding, corn grinding, rice grinding, pepper grinding and spice grinding in general.

Industrial Steel Disc Grinders - Garanti Roaster

GARANTI industrial steel disc grinders are specially designed for the toughest industrial applications that require both strength and repeatable results. They are industrial mills that are used to bring various spices such as roasted coffee, cumin, black pepper to minimum fineness, and are designed to carry out the most difficult grinding ...

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Garanti Roaster Powder Sugar Grinders. Has garanti hsr 30kg coffee roaster online coffee shop has garanti hsr 30kg coffee roaster this model is our top version and operates in a system with 4 motors and 2 fans the biggest advantage of second fan …

probat coffee roaster used machine for sale

DIVERSE diverse. Coffee roasting and packaging line. Seller: Schokoma GmbH. request quote. Complete coffee roasting and packaging line consisting of: coffee bean silos, coffee roaster, coffee mill, vacuum packaging machines (125 gr, 500 gr, 1000 gr) Price new 1.200.000 Euro For sale, price on request.

Probat Coffee grinders used machine for sale

Probat R2000 R Coffee roaster 300 kg / batch = approx. 1200kg / hour The roaster can be inspected in the installed state and can also be offered in its current state. Alternatively, we can offer dismantling, overhaul, packaging, transport, commissioning and warranty.


Small Electric 300g Coffee Roaster Home Roast Hot Air roster. 300g automatic roasting and cooling. Stainless steel perforated drum. Hot air type roasting. Seven heating-levels for the different roasting degree. $ 265.00. Small Electric 300g Coffee Roaster Home Roast Hot Air roster quantity. Add to cart.

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Garanti Roaster Powder Sugar Grinders. Has garanti hsr 30kg coffee roaster online coffee shop has garanti hsr 30kg coffee roaster this model is our top version and operates in a system with 4 motors and 2 fans the biggest advantage of second fan …