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Chain conveyors apply a chain, or multiple chains to move pallets or additional hard-to-convey products. Tow conveyors apply a towline such as for example cables or chains, generally in the floor or maybe above it, to tow item directly or to tow wheeled carts or dollies.

Drag chain conveyors - Gambarotta

Drag chain conveyors. In several industrial sectors, the need for conveying free flowing bulk material of any type, in sealed and dust-proof environments, can be satisfied by the various types of drag chain conveyors designed and manufactured by Gambarotta Gschwendt. In these machines, material is conveyed by drag chains that move along the machine's casing: the …

Tsubaki: Conveyor Chain

Conveyor chains can vary widely depending on direction of transport, application environment and transported media - which is why you need a chain manufacturer who has experienced it all. Performance, durability, safety and consistency …


Cimbria chain conveyor range of products contain models constructed to suit various materials and tasks, and it comes with a range of standard features. Standard features cover galvanized steel sheets, easy assembled sections of 500 -1000 - 2000 – 3000

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A Chain conveyor is a kind of material handling equipment that is very ideal for conveying grain or the other bulk material from one point/place to another, underground or overhead, horizontal material handling lines and inclined to the extent permitted and wherever high capacities are required by considering very low depreciation, wear and tear.

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Drag chain conveyors are an optimum choice for bulk processors, power producers, cement manufacturers and minerals processors for minimal material degradation and reduced material loss due to the enclosed housing. The principle operation of both types of drag chain conveyors is based on material movement using a skeletal chain and flight ...


Conveyor Chain Corrosion Resistant Bucket Elevator General Use Chain RF Flow Chain Shoulder Bush Chain Large Size Conveyor Chains & Sprockets TSUBAKI LARGE SIZE CONVEYOR CHAINS & SPROCKETS. Tsubaki Group Basic Environmental Policy Philosophy The Tsubaki Chain group recognizes that the

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Established in 1926, John King Chains has been manufacturing conveyor chains for over 90 years. Our origins lie in the production of mechanical handling equipment for the coal industry in Liverpool. We therefore have unrivalled experience when it comes to producing world class conveyor chains that can withstand the rigours of everyday use.

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Drag Chain Conveyor Manufacturer. Industrial Kinetics, a chain conveyor manufacturer, uses a variety of frame and chain combinations in order to provide the appropriate conveyor for the application specific requirements including the budget. Our industrial drag chain conveyors can be categorized by application or chain size.

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Find the right plastic conveyor chain to optimize your conveyor system at Span Tech. Our modular, rebuildable chain components mean easy and economical fixes with more uptime and better efficiency. Shop Span Tech's industry-leading durable plastic chain conveyor designs for the right solution for your facility.

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Chain conveyors are often utilized to transport coal, wood, refuse, and scrubber sludge in pulp and paper mills, waste to energy facilities and coal fired electric power plants. Metso Outotec's chain conveyors offering consists of two different types of equipment, drag chain conveyors and submerged chain conveyors, designed to keep your capital and operating costs low.

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Bühler chain conveyors set new standards for service life, sanitation and versatility. With throughputs of up to 1200 t/h, Bühler provides chain conveyors for small storage solutions, terminals and processing plants.

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Conveyor chains. Conveyor chains can be seen as a family-name for a wide variety of chains. We can divide this group into three types: Table Top Chains; Gripper Chains; Crate Conveyor Chains; Table Top Chains. This group is very large, suitable for conveying products like glass, crates, paper, cardboard, PET, tins, aluminum etc.

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Chain pitch: 25 mm - 102 mm Tensile strength: 270 kgf - 4,170 kgf. An attachment conveyor chain with double the pitch of RS Attachment Chain with a flat plate contour. Conforms to ISO1275-A, ASME B29.100, and JIS B1803 standards. …


Redler chain conveyor is a straight or bent chain conveyor used for horizontal and inclined conveyence of bulk finely grainy and granulated materials. It consists of a body, driving and tensioning stations, two conveying chains connected together with carriers and slide guiding of upper and lower chain branches. View Complete details.

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Drag conveyors are used for moving bulk materials in bins, flights, or other attachments and can have multiple discharge or loading points. Tubular drag conveyors use a fully enclosed system of chains to convey product in any direction. Chain conveyors use a chain, or multiple chains to move pallets or other hard-to-convey products.

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Conveyor chain, like transmission chain, can be manufactured to a number of different international standards. The main standards available are: British Standard - BS This standard covers chain manufactured to suit the British market …

Chains for SSC conveyors | CICSA | News

In the most advanced and demanding configurations, this kind of conveyors makes use of special long-pitch chains, corresponding to the standard CICSA chains LH and MH. The chains LH and MH are carburized and specially heat-treated to achieve exceptionally high resistance to wear together with high tensile stress resistance.

Selected speciality lubricants for chains and conveyors

Chain lubricant based on mineral oil, also for conveyor chains operating in wet areas. STRUCTOVIS HD series; especially STRUCTOVIS FHD and STRUCTOVIS EHD. Lubricating wax for chains, quasi-dry lubricating film up to 70 - 80 °C, especially for initial lubrication by the chain manufacturer. Klüberplus SK 11-299. 100 °C.

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Chain for Powered Overhead Beam Conveyors Chain connects trolleys and guides movement along the track. It can be assembled and disassembled without tools, yet its design makes it difficult to disconnect while in use. Hooks for Powered Overhead Beam Conveyors Hooks allow items to rotate 90° while suspended.

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Our Bruks Klöckner range of drag-chain conveyors offer a robust, effective method of conveying some of the industry's hardest-to-handle products, such as stringy materials like unsorted bark. They are an optimum solution for the totally-enclosed transport of materials in applications with limited space.

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Chain Conveyor for transport of cartons from one buildings to another buildingSpecial-purpose chain conveyors allow for the possibility to convey material wi...

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CHAIN CONVEYORS. These machines represent the most suitable solution for horizontal, inclined, or vertical transport of bulk materials, especially in the case of particular environmental needs or material characteristics (temperature, …

Conveyor Chains for the Cement Industry - THIELE

Trough Chain Conveyors Due to their compact and robust construction dust-tight trough chain conveyors can operate very effectively as: • filter-ash conveyors • silo-feeder conveyors for clinker • proportioning conveyors for additives and coal Trough chain conveyors use forged fork-links that are assembled to create single or double-strand ...

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Chain pitch: 25 mm - 102 mm Tensile strength: 270 kgf - 4,170 kgf. An attachment conveyor chain with double the pitch of RS Attachment Chain with a flat plate contour. Conforms to ISO1275-A, ASME B29.100, and JIS B1803 standards. Features High precision ...

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View into Chain Conveyor Waste Incineration Plants Proportional feeding of the Chain Conveyor handling the boiler ash allows for homogeneous distribution of the 200 - 550 °C ash in the conveyor trough. The dust taken from the precipitator has a temperature of approx. 300 °C. Both Chain Conveyors are equipped with a single-strand chain.

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Our newest line of wear protected chains, Sentry combines the best features of single pin and two-pin conveying chains. Features include: guard links with fully recessed pin heads, 100% hardened alloy steel construction- no sintered metal, two pin chain joints, extended pitch chain design, staked pin heads, and pre-stressing for reduced chain elongation.


HITACHI CONVEYOR CHAINS 4 [2] Do not subject the conveyor chain to direct impact, or to direct heating by blowtorch etc. Such treatment will greatly reduce chain performance and could cause the chain to break.